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clock.jpg Right now ILPS is offering special pricing on DVR systems as well as special pricing on our CCTV maintenance program for new customers.

4 channel DVR capture card, works with any PC running Windows XP that meets the minimum system requirements - $175.00

4 channel embedded DVR with 500GB hard drive storage - $500

8 channel embedded DVR with 1TB hard drive storage - $900

16 channel embedded DVR with 1TB hard drive storage - $1200

These DVR systems come with a complete warranty and are fully capable of being networked for remote viewing via built in web server or smart phone, and have one of the smallest footprints available for a DVR

All prices do not include applicable taxes or freight charges.

Installation is available for additional cost

In addition to our special offers on DVR pricing we are also offering special pricing on our annual CCTV system maintenance program for new customers. Our maintenance program consists of the following:

*ILPS will attend location twice per year and will clean and focus existing cameras or reposition cameras for better viewing angle (does not include removal and relocation of camera)

*ILPS tech will correct any loose connections on either DVR end of camera end of system in order to trouble shoot camera image problems

*ILPS will open and clean DVR system and will test to ensure it us running according to specifications

*ILPS will maintain an inventory of spare parts for surveillance system ensuring almost 100% uptime or critical equipment

*Guaranteed emergency service either on site or phone within 2-4 hours

*Routine service calls attended to by next business day

*After hours emergency calls billed at same labor rate as routine service

*A written report will be provided after each visit detailing any issues that arose, any recommendations from technician, and a detailed account of what was done on site

Our customers find that a proper maintenance program for the CCTV system helps prolong the life of the hardware and saves money on unnecessary costly upgrades

In order to protect the integrity of our pricing for our maintenance program please contact us for more information

For more information about any of our monthly specials please contact us

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