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Gone are the days of the VCR and the conventional digital video recorder. Systems these days are IP based, offer HD resolution, and in some cases don't even need a separate recorder. Still have the need for an analog CCTV system? We can help you with that as well. Working with our line of distributors we are able to offer a system to suit any budget.

Available from 1 to 1000 + video channels, in tower or rackmount form factors, at speeds of up to 30 images per second per camera feed, and up to an endless ammount of storage space, our analog DVR and IP based NVR oy Hybrid systems can be configured to match any security need and budget.

Some of the outstanding features of our analog DVR and IP based NVR or Hybrid systems include:

  • MPEG-4 / MJPEG / H264 video compression, user-selectable to perfectly balance image quality and storage time
  • Browser-based remote access option as well as access on most leading tablets or mobile phones
  • Fine-grained security settings, including hidden cameras
  • Advanced remote access includes remote setup tools
  • Image enhancement and watermarking tools built-in
  • Smart-search for advanced post-event finding
  • Advanced video analytics to provide multiple methods of search such as cashier overages or shortages, people counting, or unattended packages or vehicles (depending on DVR / NVR model)
  • Event logging stores all usage patterns, including remote access
  • Built-in sensor input and alarm output
  • Built in RS232-422 converter for connecting Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras (depending on DVR / NVR model)
  • Burn single images or AVI movies to CD-RW, DVD-RW, on direct to USB via on board USB connection (depending on model)
  • Optional remote viewing software for handheld PDA devices
  • Multiple site remote viewer - monitor an infinite number of sites via one network point, perfect for a national CCTV solution

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