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Indoor/Outdoor Convex Mirrors
Indoor Convex Mirror

Convex Detection Mirrors are a retail store's first line of defense against shoplifting and pilferage. Each increases aisle visibility and eliminates blind spots. Mirrors are lightweight, fade-proof and unbreakable with top-quality silvering and near-perfect convexing which affords the widest angle of vision.

The INC series is a lightweight, low cost, range of mirrors - without the hardboard backing and trim ring. Designed specifically for indoor applications. Supplied complete with mounting hardware.

Sizes ranging from 12" to 36". Premium styles are available.

Ideal for reception situations for viewing offices or show rooms, warehouse, hospitals, commercial stores, or any other interior situation where blind spots are present.

Outdoor Convex Mirror

Additional weatherproofing available for outdoor mirrors.

An excellent choice for safety mirrors in preventing industrial intersection accidents.

Benefits & Features Include:

  • 2.5mm Acrylic face.
  • Provides a 180-degree view
  • An excellent deterrent against theft
  • Prevent blind corner accidents
  • Reflects clear undistorted image.
  • Does not fade or turn black
  • 20 % Brighter than Glass Mirrors
  • Mounting Hardware Included
  • Less Distortion
  • Economical
  • Lighter Weight
To determine your need, measure the distance from the viewing location (cash area) to the objective (back wall). If this is approximately 25' feet then use a 26" inch diameter mirror. The formula is 1-inch diameter equates to one foot in distance.
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