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Remote Video Monitoring

ILPS is working with our distribution partners to provide remote video solutions. These solutions are ideal for locations that are "off the grid", more remote, or in areas where it isn't feasible to have traditional CCTV and DVR system installed.

Our line of remote video solutions works with either your existing IP infrastructure or a secure cellular communications connection, and can be either self-powered or powered off a regular power supply.

Our line of products can be integrated into an existing DVR system or operate on their own as a surveillance system, and can be monitored by a ULC monitoring station, or be self-monitored via the end user's PDA or computer interface.

ILPS offers a complete line of remote video solutions to work with any environment. These products are perfect for any job site, such as construction sites, remote work locations, or any other area where it isn't feasible or cost effective to have a static security patrol.

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