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Management and Employee education is one of the most valuable and reasonably priced investments a retailer can make. Modern technology can certainly make a difference to a store’s shrinkage, but the human factor, the aware and knowledgeable employee, will always be the retailer’s best first line of defense against criminal activity.

ILPS has been offering training in areas such as theft and fraud awareness and prevention, as well as modern loss prevention equipment usage for close to 10 years now.  Each seminar is tailored to meet each client’s specific needs.  Each seminar is taught by knowledgeable staff with years of relevant, hands on experience.  Training seminars are conducted at the client’s location to provide a more comfortable atmosphere for those in attendance.

The following are examples of areas in which we train:

• Shoplifter detection and apprehension
• Fraud detection and prevention
• Armed robbery prevention and awareness
• Proper use and maintenance of your loss prevention equipment
• Internal theft detection and prevention

For more information or to schedule a training seminar, please feel free to contact us. 

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